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Privacy Policy

The Site Space is committed to securing your privacy. Your data will be utilized for your necessary solution or to get in touch with you. We will possibly at any point pass on your information when it is essential, for example on account of buying a domain name, and to other third parties whenever needed for your website functioning or other items to work. The Site Space won't ever sell your data for revenue-driven making purposes.

Information we collect

The Site Space will record essential information by your internet browser when you are getting to our site. The data gathered is 'specialized' data and will not contain individual personal details. For instance, it could be your program type/version, geographical area, working framework (OS), reference source, page views, and length of visit, your website navigation, and more. The information we gather can be utilized for issues that may emerge on our website and to get into the trends, or to give an upgraded browsing experience to our site guests.

In case you fill out a form on our website or register with us – we will gather the following information; which may involve:

  • Location Information like your full location address and postcode
  • Your correspondence data, for example, phone number and email address
  • Personal information, for example, your organization name, organization type, and your name

This data might be put away in our CRM, Project Management System, Email framework, and other related in-house and third-party administrations. Your personal and organization/company data will be gone to 123-REG, Namecheap (our domain registrar suppliers), and Cloudflare.

Entering or marking an agreement with The Site Space will require us to gather data, for example,

  • Full UK Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Complete Name

We will store this data inside our Accounting Software (Xero), Teamwork CRM, Teamwork Email System, Teamwork Project Management framework, Direct Debit Management framework, and applicable third- party suppliers.

How we use any information we collect:

This data is needed by us, as it will assist us with providing superior service/support and for different reasons, which are listed below:

  • Once in a while, we may send you advancement material in regards to our items, special offers or provide you with some additional information; that we assume is of your concern/interest
  • Your data could be utilized once in a while to get in touch with you relating to marketing research purposes.
  • Sending bills, statements, bill reminders, and gathering payments from you.
  • Utilizing your data to improve our services, products, and results.
  • We may utilize your data to help to upgrade your browsing experience with us.

Our control of your Personal Information:

The Site Space will not give out, sell or rent your personal information to third-party organizations; besides for the situation if you have given us the consent to do as such. In certain events, we may share your personal data with third-party on the off chance that we believe you may discover this sharing fascinating. In any case, on the off chance that you wish for this not to occur – don't hesitate to reach us at Under the Data Protection Act of 1998, you can demand a duplicate of information on what persona information we store of you.

Rights you possess:

You possess the right to demand data for the personal information we hold of you. For the situation you may feel that individual information/data we contain of you, has not been prepared accurately, you can request to us for the eradication/removal or alteration of this data. You can do this by reaching /